In my mind
there are lightbulbs
turning on in rooms that have remained vacant for years.
And I find myself filled with a curious joy,
like a “where have you been?”
reunited with an even greater
“where have YOU been?!”

-Jaime Lee Lewis

Remember, wealth is not a goal, it is a reward.
Jaime Lee Lewis
One of the secrets to inner peace and happiness is to set less goals and more standards.
Jaime Lee Lewis

My advice is to walk into nothing empty. Walk into nothing wanting. Never walk into a business meeting or interview without a clear intention and a service to offer. Never walk into your place of work without a desire to work. Never walk into a place of worship without Love in your heart, and never attempt to enter the presence of God without praise. Never walk into a person’s life without something beneficial to offer them—even a kind word—and never enter a love relationship without self love and an understanding of what love is.

You wouldn’t walk into a bank without already having money on you or in it. You wouldn’t walk into a bathroom, sit down or stand over the toilet with an empty bladder. And you wouldn’t walk into a Hospital looking for an illness.

Life is a guaranteed feast if you show up with more than an appetite.

-Jaime Lee Lewis

three part poem: “naked.”

I stopped writing poems
because I became tired
of getting undressed
for people who only loved me
for my body of work.

are emotional ventriloquists,
using words like puppets,
for readers who—like children—believe the words are actually moving on their own.

The clothes’ new Emperor.
as beautiful
as the words
I wear,
getting undressed
to show the world,
there’s a real person under there

-Jaime Lee Lewis

morning thoughts: Acceptance.

Over the past few years I’ve been having to learn how to gracefully accept things that once were, as well as the things that now are; like circumstances and actions, consequences and outcomes; or sometimes even, the absence of things that once were. It’s been extremely emotionally challenging. But today I realize acceptance is often the act of letting go of our sadness, the act of lovingly letting go of our disappointments.

-Jaime Lee Lewis

Happy Birthday, To Me.

Every year means so much to me, now. Every day means so much to me, now. Four years ago I began throwing my life away. My dreams had faded, my heart and mind was broken. I, in my eyes, was a failure. I was Jaded. Defeated; I lost my fire, my light, my discipline, my purpose, my focus, my way; I lost my vision. And somewhere in the midst of throwing my life away—two years ago, this time—I heard God say, “If you don’t want it, give it to me”. In a simple gesture of the spirit, the God who for years was falsely portrayed as a relentlessly critical judge was revealed to me as Unconditional Love. I thought, how could God look at this mess that I made and see something that He wanted? I’ve learned that Love takes ownership where others deny; and God takes ownership of us, even when we deny ourselves. Finally, there’s something about knowing that The Most High values your life. It makes you live differently. Every day you live becomes a Thank You said in action.

-Jaime Lee Lewis

O God, my heart is fixed; I will sing and give praise, even with my glory.
Psalms 108:1

Too often I hear people say that they, or someone they know, is on a spiritual journey. There is no such thing as a spiritual journey. We are spirits on a journey. Also, I too often hear people speak of finding God. But I never found God. Because God never went missing; and God certainly never misplaced me. What happens is, life humbles us and silences our egos long enough for us to acknowledge God. After running out of lies to live we finally admit God.

Let my life be my confession.

-Jaime Lee Lewis

To be distracted you must lose your focus. To be focused you must lose your distractions.
Jaime Lee Lewis